Solar-System symposium in Sapporo 2018

Geochemical Journal Special Issue

Geochemical Journal Special Issue 'Molecular Evolution in Space'
The most abundant elements in space (H, C, O, and N) form various organic molecules and ice in molecular clouds and in protoplanetary systems. The variety of organic molecules, ice, and related components should record the origin and evolution of molecular clouds and planetary systems, and can therefore be a powerful tracer of star and planet formation. To understand the evolution of molecules in molecular clouds and in protoplanetary systems, there is a need for an interdisciplinary study covering laboratory experiments, microscopic modeling of surface processes, chemical modeling of molecular clouds and protoplanetary disks, observation of young stellar objects, and analysis of extraterrestrial materials. This special issue aims at providing a diverse but complementary set of contributions to address the recent progress of and challenges to understanding the formation and evolution of ice and organic matter in molecular clouds and during stellar and planetary formation.

Submission deadline: May 15, 2018
Expected publication date: February 1, 2019
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Editors: Akira Kouchi, Shogo Tachibana, Laurette Piani, Francois-Regis Orthous-Daunay, and Hiroshi Naraoka

All accepted papers in this issue will be published electronically (open-access with no extra fees) as soon as they are accepted. The printed issue will be assembled within a reasonable time with late papers being printed in regular issues of Geochemical Journal.